The best phase any human being can experience in his entire life is Love. What could it be like? If a postcard doesn’t have a pin code? What could it be like a kite having no thread? Does the card reach its destination; does the kite be withstood to the flow of wind? Seems to... Continue Reading →



Walking for miles in the hot sun, started my day when the sun is right in front of my eyes to straight on my head.pulled all my stuff in my sling bag, I found nothing but some white sheets, a book, and a pen.even my water bottle was empty. I was totally dehydrated. Started looking... Continue Reading →

The unFAIR Love

Oh! Wow, that's really a crazy day for me to Face the World outside now with this Makeup putting on my Face. It was a quite bit nervous for me to try this again on my face which I had left years ago, much more than half a decade. The world needs all is the... Continue Reading →


In Finding Isha We both moved from my office cabin with more doubts and even with sufficient data too. Who is working behind this mass kidnap ? is the first among our doubts. Where are Isha and others who have been kidnaped? We chased the person who took the parcel from that gravedigger and extracted... Continue Reading →


It's beyond Ash I along with Vikram started to hospital area if we could find some clues which may help our finding of Isha easy. We headed towards that mortuary again, we couldn't find any suspected person there but we have seen some dead bodies are being shifted to the cemetery, where people are buried... Continue Reading →

A Millionaire after Death

Have you ever imagined you'll be a millionaire after your death or your death make your family earn money like a lottery? It sounds weird but you 'll find interesting after this Article Many people after death collect some ash in Urns to sprinkle in some holy rivers or place in their respective idol place... Continue Reading →


The MAGAZINE story I have been waiting on my lawn for an hour, for Vikram. I hear Vikram honking his car, I opened the door and asked him to come in.It's been years that we met each other.I offered him some tea and snacks and walked into the lawn, pulled those chairs and began talking... Continue Reading →


That board! I screamed out loud, I was collapsed seeing that, it's the "MORTUARY" Ward.Christy hold me firmly, saying that elderly person might be wrong don't think much, nothing will happen bad, don't worry. Then a person trying to wear a mask and coming out of that room in a hurry, closing the doors.hey, you... Continue Reading →


"Shiver in the spine" to that twist It's been months passed to recover from that shock "we broke up", after that fight and back home later from abroad.I ring to her many times but I couldn't hear any response from her.I made every possible effort to reach her through her friend's contacts but all my... Continue Reading →

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